Rear Zillertal


Zillertal Alps:

The Zillertal Alps, part of the Central Alps, cover a large area and stretch from the Gerlos Pass to the Brenner Pass.


One three-thousander after the other is lined up along the main ridge of the Alps, large reservoirs, steep mountain flanks and green pastures in the valley floor characterize the picture.


From Zell am Ziller, the romantic Gerlostal branches off into the high mountain landscape of the Zillertal Alps.

From Mayrhofen the valley forks into the so-called grounds: Zillergrund, Stilluppgrund, Zemmgrund and the Tux valley.

All of these valleys are surrounded by three-thousanders with still large glaciers. The highest mountain is the Hochfeiler at 3509m.

A magnificent high mountain landscape with countless hiking opportunities in all levels of difficulty.

The rear Zillertal from Zell a. is recommended as a starting point for hikes and mountain tours in the Zillertal Alps. Ziller.


The best hiking time is from mid-June to early or mid-October.


mountain biking:


Mountain biking in the Mayrhofen region:


From Mayrhofen the Zillertal forks into the Zillergrund, Stilluppgrund, Zemmgrund and the Tuxer Tal.

This results in a particularly favorable location with numerous tour options for bikers. All these valleys are surrounded by three-thousanders with large glaciers and several reservoirs.


The highest mountain is the Hochfeiler at 3509m. A grandiose landscape with numerous huts and alpine pastures to stop for refreshments.

We have selected promising tours with medium and difficult levels of difficulty for you, for average and demanding bikers.


Zillertaler Alpen
Mountain Biken


Front and middle Zillertal:


Tux Alps:

The Tux Alps are located in front of the Zillertal Alps and were formerly known as the Tux Pre-Alps. However, the name "Voralpen" sounds a bit harmless, as the highest peak, the Lizumer Reckner, has a height of 2886m.


Framed by the Unterinntal in the north, the Wipptal in the west and the Zillertal in the east, the area is easily accessible.

The Tuxer Alps are a hiking area for the whole family thanks to their gently shaped mountains, with beautiful mountain lakes, lush alpine pastures and easily accessible peaks.

There is limestone in the area of ​​the Wattener Lizum, otherwise the mountains consist of slate.

Numerous nice holiday resorts are located on the edge of the Tux Alps and offer excellent infrastructure.


Kitzbühel Alps:

The Zillertal is limited on its east side to the Gerlostal by the Kitzbühel Alps.

The Kitzbühel Alps, consisting mainly of slate rock, gentle lush green pastures and peaks that are green all the way up, determine the picture.

An excellent hiking area for the whole family with many places to stop for refreshments and beautiful small mountain lakes.

The highest peak is the Kreuzjoch at 2558m, which can be reached from Zell am Ziller.

Tuxer Alpen

Touren Zillertal